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The process of modern oil and gas extraction involves many steps  from directional drilling to well stimulation. Drilling Rigs are one of the most important pieces of oilfield equipment and are used during a number of stages throughout the life cycle of oil and gas fields:

➢ During the exploration stage
➢ During the appraisal stage
➢ During the development stage
➢ During the production stage

Drilling rigs differ in a number of characteristics and parameters depending on environmental conditions and the purpose they serve. Land drilling rigs can be of different sizes, power capabilities and used in different applications.

IESCO International offers modern drilling rigs and experienced personnel who know the best way to use the equipment to extract the most oil in the most efficient way. We operate with a safety first approach to drilling. Every rig component meets IESCO quality control standards, resulting in superior reliability. We use our experience to help streamline operations, reduce your drilling costs and shrink our time on site. We take personal responsibility for ensuring maximum safety and minimum non-productive time on your well. IESCO International offers high-performance onshore drilling rigs for a variety of applications, including advanced technology drilling and harsh environments.
• 750 HP (IESCO-01)
• 1500 HP (IESCO-02)